With the Customer Review Tool, you have the option to direct your customers to the online review platform of your choice.

Google is a smart choice because as a search engine, it’s naturally where people go first when they have a need and are seeking information. If you would like to step up efforts to boost your website SEO (search engine optimization), so your site will be more readily discovered on the web, having a high number of positive online reviews will help.

Google and Facebook will be top choices for most businesses, although their are niche sites that will be super-beneficial for your business to display a positive reputation as well.

And then… there’s news like this creating buzz in online forums.

We’ve seen more and more business people complaining about Yelp in recent months.

There are numerous options when it comes a place to post an opinion about a product or service. Do you have a preferred platform where leave reviews? Where do you prefer your clients and customers to post reviews about their experience? Have you had a less than positive experience with an online review platform? Tell us about it!

Where Do You Want to Feature Your Customer Reviews?

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